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M&G Morning Show Thursday 12/14/17

BHQ - 37% of parents have done this family activity with their kids. Moose and Google do something new ... BAD LIBS!! Love Court:  The Make...

M&G Morning Show Monday 12/12/17

Josie's 3 Words Middle Schooler Keaton Jones and the reaction Missed Connections Siouxland and SC Can't Beat Google vs Samantha Keaton Jones Part 2

M&G Morning Show Thursday 12/07/17

The Dirt. Morons in the news BHQ: 70% of people say they will buy what this Christmas season? The BHQ Answer and The Dirt CBG vs Christa 120717 Facebook...

M&G Morning Show Wednesday 12/06/17

Show Open....and News The Dirt The BHQ: 10% of men can’t locate this on a car. What is it?” CBG vs John Would You Rather Wednesday with Google and...

M&G Morning Show Tuesday 12/05/17

Morons in the News The BHQ:53% of people will do this on their phone on Xmas Eve BHG, Alexa and The Dirt CBG vs Trey Password with Josie...

M&G Morning Show Thursday 113017

Show open: New TV show with Lil John and Usher and News Morons in the News BHQ and Allegations and News BHQ answer and The Dirt Can't Beat Google...

M&G Morning Show Wednesday 11/29/17

Breaking News and The BHQ Morons in the News The Celeb Dirt Can't Beat Google Jessica Would You Rather? Siouxland and South Carolina Whispers Matt Lauer Fired One Things We Learned...

M&G Morning Show Tuesday 11/28/17

The BHQ The BHQ Answer and The Dirt Password Can't Beat Google vs Ginger

M&G Morning Show Monday 11/27/17

BHQ and Josie's Bday Josies 3 Words Moose and Google's 3 Words Missed Connections Can't Beat Google vs Justin
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