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M&G Morning Show Monday 04/15/19

BHQ 5 Things Trending CBG vs ? 3 words...

M&G Morning Show Thursday 04/11/19

The Big Hairy Question: What is the most popular nickname given to newborn babies? 5...

M&G Morning Show Wednesday 04/10/19

The Big Hairy Question: 7% of women fear this 5 Things Trending

M&G Morning Show Tuesday 04/09/19

BHQ : 25% of people have done this on a date 5 Things Trending

M&G Morning Show Monday 04/08/19

BHQ 5 Things CBG vs John 3 words with...

M&G Morning Show Thursday 04/04/19

Show Open and The BHQ 5 ish Things .... Bob Sagets Tweet, Britney Spears checks in, The...

M&G Morning Show Wednesday 04/03/19

Show Open and The BHQ: 66% of men have injured themselves doing this. 5 Things: ...

M&G Morning Show Tuesday 04/02/19

Show open and BHQ 5 Things CBG vs Gary

Moose re-writes the “sexist” Back To School Poem.

Listen to the clip and follow along with the words below to see the actual edits.  The girl version is first and the second...
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