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Can’t Beat Google vs Sue


1. BILL MURRAY helped a couple with their unborn baby’s gender reveal during a golf tournament. He hit a golf ball for them that would bust open and reveal either pink or blue powder. What is Bill Murrays famous golfing movie?

2. An old interview has surfaced where DJ KHALED says he’ll never perform oral pleasure on a woman, because men are the KINGS. At the same time, he would NOT be happy if his wife didn’t perform on him. Other than his own name…What phrase does DJ Kahled say on songs he colabs on?

3. JOHN LITHGOW is playing Jud Crandall in the “Pet Sematary” remake. Who is the Author of Pet Sematary?

4. NICK and JOE JONAS reunited at an event called SunFest in Florida over the weekend, and sang the JONAS BROTHERS song “Lovebug”. – How many Jonas Brothers were their in the original Ban?

5. JUSTIFY won the Kentucky Derby. Who sang the national anthem?