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Can’t Beat Google vs Lisa

  1. KANYE WEST’s comments about slavery being a “choice” are earning him attention, but they could end up costing him.  There’s an online petition asking what shoe company to drop his sneaker line.?
  1. Washington Redskins cheerleaders say they were forced to pose TOPLESS during a calendar photo shoot in 2013, even though there was no nudity in the calendar. – Which former Redskin QB is now with the Vikings?
  1. 16-year-old ISABELA MONER will star in the live-action “Dora the Explorer” movie. She was Mark Wahlberg’s sidekick Izabella in “Transformers: The Last Knight”.  What was Doras little side kicks name?
  1. 10.3 million people watched “Roseanne” this week.  That’s down about another 3 million viewers . . . and down 8 million from the premiere – Who plays Dan?
  1. A website ranked all 214 acts in the Rock Hall and decided CHUCK BERRY is the best.  The three WORST are Bon Jovi, Queen, and Journey. Of those 3 bands which one still has its Original lead singer?