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Camila Cabello can finally “exhale” now that debut album “Camila” is out


ABC/Paula LoboWe’ve been waiting for it for a year, and Camila Cabello’s debut solo album Camila is finally out today.  Camila sang her current hit, “Never Be the Same” on ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday, and then told ABC Radio that now that the album’s out, she can breathe for a minute.

“I’m definitely relieved and excited,” she tells ABC Radio. “It just feels like the end of a chapter, y’know?  Today’s the first day where I can really just enjoy it, and I can enjoy it being out.”

Camila adds, “I love the idea of, y’know, there’s not just two songs to listen to, there’s like a whole body of work. So I’m relieved. I feel like I can just breathe now. I can exhale.” 

In addition to “Never Be the Same,” Camila also features the smash hit “Havana,” and the previously-released song “Real Friends.” The album is a mix of upbeat Latin and reggaton-flavored tracks, and introspective ballads about relationships and heartbreak.

Today at 3 p.m. ET, Camila will host a livestream listening party and Q&A on her YouTube channel.

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