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Bryce Vine is glad he wasn’t an overnight success: “It’s kinda nice to have it be gradual”


Frank MaddocksFresh off some impressive TV debuts last month — including Late Night with Seth Meyers and the MTV VMAs pre-show — Bryce Vine is on his way to being more recognizable than ever.

While the “Drew Barrymore” singer says he loves his newfound attention, he’s glad his fame is coming gradually.

“The attention’s cool but as long as people are listening to the music I’m happy with that,” he tells ABC Radio. “Obviously you wanna be recognized for the artistry that you’re putting out but that comes with time, you know, like patience.”

He adds, “I definitely would hate to be someone that blew up overnight and everyone knows their name and then you just have to deal with that suddenly. It’s kinda nice to have it be gradual.”

Bryce is gearing up to hit the road with MAX on October 30.  In the meantime, he’s been working on his debut album, Carnival. He’s not rushing that process either.

“There is no real structure for me to it,” he says of his songwriting technique. “I just go to the studio every day, I see what comes out. I start producing something. If the idea works, then I keep going with it. You kinda know right away if something has magic to it. That’s one lucky break that you get.”

As for what fans can expect from the album, which will likely drop in January, Bryce says he’ll mix familiar sounds with some surprising tracks.

“I’m working my way towards a very specific kind of sound, like, ‘Drew Barrymore’ is a good start, ‘On the Ball’ is a fun song, but I have a song called ‘You’ that I think is really special. It’s just like a love song to whoever you’re talking about.”

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