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Britney Spears says new album is “a big secret”


Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images via ABCBritney Spears is preparing for her first tour since ending her Las Vegas residency, and she’s also working on her next album.  But good luck trying to get any details out of her about it.

Speaking to People magazine, Britney says the project is “a big secret!”

While Britney didn’t want to spill any info about the disc — which would be the follow up to her 2016 album, Glory — she was more than happy to talk to People about her exercise routine and her diet, both of which seem far less restrictive and intense than her amazing 36-year-old body might have you believe.

“It’s tricky because sometimes my appetite is through the roof and I will just inhale a club sandwich or some fries,” says Brit. “Then sometimes I’m just very cold and I don’t want to eat anything. It’s really, really weird how back-and-forth I am.”

But just like the rest of us, Britney does have her “hangry” moments.

“When I’m hungry, it’s like ‘Don’t talk to me.’ I am the devil. I am so moody. I’m a b***h,” she jokes.  “[It’s like], ‘I want a hamburger and I want it now!’ I love food so much.”

As for hitting the gym to work off those hamburgers, Britney says, “I don’t work out that much to be totally honest with you. I like to dance and I like yoga. I found a really good teacher. I think yoga is about finding the right teacher, so I can really get into that.”

Britney’s Piece of Me tour starts July 12 in Oxon Hill, MD.  The North American dates wrap July 29 in Hollywood, FL, after which she heads to Europe, where her opening act will be Pitbull.

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