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“Beauty and the Beast” star Josh Gad “thrilled” to see musicals making a comeback


(L-R) Luke Evans as Gaston, Josh Gad as LaFou; Disney – 2017(LOS ANGELES) — Disney’s live action musical Beauty and the Beast opens in limited release today, and the timing couldn’t be better, with other musicals like La La Land and Moana bringing in big bucks. Josh Gad, who stars as LeFou in the movie, tells ABC News he’s “thrilled to see that happening.”

“I hope at least that we’re crossing into this new threshold where it is OK and appropriate for studios to commit big budgets to not only superhero films, but movies where people sing and dance,” says the Broadway vet.

Bill Condon, who directed the remake of the 1991 animated Disney classic, is just as excited, but also a little nervous.

“When you go into something knowing that there are that many people waiting for it on the other end, it’s exciting,” he explains. “But it also is a responsibility. It’s slightly intimidating too.” 

Beauty and the Beast, also starring Emma Watson, Kevin Cline, Ewan McGregor, and Ian McKellen, opens nationwide on Friday.

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