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Bazzi on touring with Camila Cabello: “Let’s hope I captivate!”


BryantCamila Cabello kicked off her first-ever solo tour last night, and if you go, you’ll not only get to see Camila, but her opening act, rising star Bazzi.  The “Mine” singer says he’s on the bill because Camila is truly a fan of his music.

“She was doing this interview and they asked her, you know, who’s a few people she’s interested in collabing with and she said me,” Bazzi tells ABC Radio. According to the singer, fans who show up early to catch his set will be treated to a “very energetic” show. 

“It’ll make you feel just like the record did – but a little bit better,” he jokes.

Of course, any artist might be intimidated by having to win over an audience full of screaming fans who are there to see the headline act, and not him, but Bazzi isn’t concerned at all.

“It’s nice. That’s the one thing I think I have figured out pretty decently well is I’m a performer,” he tells ABC Radio. “I’ve always been an entertainer; y’know, growing up, that’s all I’ve ever done.” 

He laughs, “So, let’s hope I can captivate!”

Bazzi’s debut album Cosmic will be out Thursday, April 12.  It features “Mine,” which first got attention when it inspired a series of popular memes.

“I thought they were hilarious,” Bazzi says. “Every single one I saw is so, so cool to me because art is clearly perspective, and the beautiful thing about art is an artist can paint you a picture, but it’s up to anybody else to perceive it how they want.” 

“So to see how, you know, the song made other people feel and what other creative ways people played with it was really cool to see.”

Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.