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Armie Hammer says “Cars 3” gig was “a lot of fun”


Disney/Pixar – 2017(NEW YORK) — Owen Wilson is back as Lightning McQueen, who’s out to prove he’s still the top race car, in Cars 3, which is now in theaters. In this latest chapter in the Disney/Pixar franchise, Lightning faces some stiff competition from a whole new breed of car: the Next Gen Racer, led by the Armie Hammer-voiced Jackson Storm.

“They’re faster, they’re smarter, they’re able to make calculations about corners,” Hammer explained to ABC Radio. “But they young, and he’s brash, and he sort of takes the soul out of racing…He shows up, and no one can really touch him.”

While the action on screen is breakneck, Hammer said the job couldn’t have been more relaxed. “It’s a lot easier than doing a live-action movie,” he laughs.

“You know, the first few sessions you go up to Pixar up in Northern California and go to their campus and see all their buildings — and the army of people they have working there. It’s really incredible. And then they’ll call you, you know like a couple weeks later, and go, “Can you run to a recording booth, like somewhere near your house, just couple hours all we need,” and you do it again. They’ll call you maybe a couple weeks later: “We got some more stuff. You wanna you try this, we changed that, bah, bah, bah.” I mean, it’s a hell of a job. It’s a lot of fun.” 

Scandal‘s Kerry Washington is a new entry to the series, voicing statistician Natalie Certain, while Larry the Cable Guy reprises his role as McQueen’s trusty, rusty old friend, Mater.

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