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Ariana Grande trips during “First Wives Club”-inspired “thank u, next” performance on “Ellen”


Dave MeyersAriana Grande be trippin’ — literally.

During her performance of her new single “thank u next” on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Wednesday, Ariana tripped while stepping down off a chair and came very close to falling.   “Oh my God!” she said, but then quickly recovered and continued the song with a laugh.

Ariana and her two dancers were performing a routine inspired by the choreography in the 1996 movie First Wives Club: They were all dressed in white, singing on a set that resembled a wedding reception.  It was when Ariana stepped up on one of the chairs in her high-heeled boots and then tried to step back down when the stumble took place: Her heel seemed to get caught on the fabric of her outfit.

Then, at the end of the performance, Ari and her dancers exited through the audience, leaving Ellen onstage looking baffled. “She’s gone. She left!” exclaimed the host, who obviously expected to chat with Ariana following the end of the song.

The dancers quickly hustled Ari back down the stairs and onto the stage. “We were supposed to come down?” Ari asked. “I thought we were supposed to exit?”  “No,” replied Ellen. “Oh, my bad. I thought we were supposed to exit at the top, my bad,” Ari responded.

“It’s totally fine, we’re happy you came back,” said Ellen, adding, “You’ve had a rough year, we love you and we support you.”  As the audience cheered, Ellen then announced that every audience member would receive a copy of Ariana’s album, Sweetener.

(Ariana stumbles at 1:18 into the video.)

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